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Sears Tree Service is a leader in providing comprehensive vegetation management services for public utilities, co-ops and municipalities across Kentucky and surrounding states. We have earned a reputation for providing cost-effective solutions tailored to meet and exceed the needs of our customers. Our focus on maximizing efficiency while not compromising safety and quality has made us the vendor of choice for many utility companies.

  • Sears Tree Service has been a pioneer in the field of tree care for 30+ years and a leader in supporting utilities of all sizes with their line clearing challenges.

  • We service a range of utilities from the largest investor-owned generation, transmission and distribution companies to community-focused Electric Cooperatives and municipal electric companies.

  • Experience in all forms of transmission and distribution vegetation management work, including:

    • Line Clearance

    • Aerial Trimming

    • Herbicide Application

    • Tree Growth Regulator Application

    • Right-of-Way Clearing and Reclamation

    • Hazard Tree Removal

    • Urban and Rural Tree Pruning and Care

    • Emergency Storm Response

    • Substation Maintenance

    • Transmission Site Construction

    • Contract Personnel Consulting


Our Services Include

// Land Clearing // Lot Clearing // Mulching // Storm Damage 


                            // Woodlot beautification // Fence & survey line clearing // Tree Trimming // Kubota Excavator


                    // Tree Removal // Stump Grinding & Removal // Tree Pruning // Topping Trees // Clean-up 


                                                                          // Reclaim overgrown property



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