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Our Tree Service

If it's tree service you need, we have the equipment and skills to get the job done. We approach each job with a smart plan and the right machine. All you need to do is give us your idea on how you would like your trees worked and leave the rest to us.


Over the years our customers have given us rave reviews on how happy they are with the end results of a job well done. Below are few testimonials on our tree services.

Heather Smith -

"5 stars" They cut two trees down for my dad one was very close to the house like 3ft away and very tall they took it down like it was nothing very good job

Martee Rule -

Amazing family business, Integrity, Faithful, hardest working men I know! Killer work at Killer prices!

Jason Wade Harper -

Very professional people! Will do business with again!

FOR QUESTIONS CALL: 1-270-755-2058
Our Services Include

// Land Clearing // Lot Clearing // Mulching // Storm Damage 


                            // Woodlot beautification // Fence & survey line clearing // Tree Trimming // Kubota Excavator


                    // Tree Removal // Stump Grinding & Removal // Tree Pruning // Topping Trees // Clean-up 


                                                                          // Reclaim overgrown property



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